(Ernest Diversified Energy Network) is an environmental/energy consulting service located in Laurel, Maryland. Our mission is to provide customers with the best in policies, programs, procedures and education in the area of Environmental Management & Sustainability. We are committed to excellence and at the core of EDEN Team is a team of engineers, scientist and process managers with unmatched expertise and experience.

What can we do for you?

EDEN Team works with federal, state and local government as well as private industry. Most notable, we are committed to enhance the awareness of mission critical elements of environmental management, compliance and conformance in support of overall efficiencies. Our team of strategic partners’ combined with over 20 years of experience are devoted to presenting solutions that will enhance how organizations comply with regulations, protect the health and safety of their employees, sustain air, water and natural resources.

How Eden Team Supports Your Company

We have diverse solutions that support the corporate leadership with environmental management, compliance, and stewardship with a focus on pollution prevention (reducing carbon footprint), and environmental sustainability. In addition, our focus is to bridge the environmental and economic disparities within all facilities.


The focus of EDEN Team, LLC is to be a gateway for environmental stewardship. Our goal is to reduce waste internally and externally and educate people to become environmentally responsible. This process will improve your bottom line, provide operational excellence and create a greener environment in the workplace and throughout your community.


We provide mission critical environmental and sustainable expertise, ready to provide clients with solutions that balance environment, economy, and community. Our philosophy is centered on energy efficient solutions and innovative strategies that focus on environmental protection, conservation and resiliency. We will create a comprehensive strategy and build a bridge to sustainability.

Facilities and Materials Management

Organizational structure, inventory control which enables efficient and accurate material tracking across all processes. Reducing labor cost and inventory stocking levels on all materials. Increases return on assets and inventory usage, improves overall material handling internally and externally.

Increase Operational Efficiency/Logistics

Optimize capital projects to improve plant operations while reducing risk and improving compliance. Becoming relevant and providing innovative alternatives while reducing downtime and increasing productivity through onsite sustainable assessments.

Resource Consolidation

This is an innovative way to consolidate resources in the most effective and efficient way that focuses exclusively on the clients’ sustainable goals and objectives. Our partner network is vast and broad. This form of support helps our cooperative ventures to align the right solutions to your needs.

  • Sustainability Programs
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Create Sustainable Solutions
  • Materials & Facilities Management
  • Environmental Leadership & Mgmt. Systems
  • Strategic Planning, Programming & Implementation
  • Clean Air Act/Clean Water Act Compliance
  • LED Lighting Strategies & Installation
  • Environmental Management Systems & Audits
  • Storm Water Management
  • Regulatory Compliance


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